About Me

Linda blogWelcome to my blog – my name is Linda and I was born in Essex, England in 1959. I now live in Hampshire, with my super husband, David. We have two beautiful daughters, one of whom, Lizzie, is a secondary school science teacher and is married to our wonderful son-in-law, Lewis. Our other daughter, Ruth,  works hard as manager in a well-known grocery store nearby and enjoys her independence living not too far away from home with her husband Josh (another wonderful son-in-law). Over the last few years our joy has increased as we welcomed grandchildren, Helena, Naomi and Arthur to the family.

Previously a Church of England Reader, I am now an Assistant Curate (Associate Priest) who studied at Ripon College, Cuddesdon on a MA course in Theology and Ministry. As well as my parish ministry I have the great privilege to be the school chaplain at our local primary school

Linda Galvin - ProfileAs I mentioned in my very first blog, every life is a journey. We start it the moment we are conceived to the moment we die. Each person’s journey is unique – which is what makes each of us unique. Some days we get to run ahead, others we are sat indoors with our noses pressed to the window pane. On good days we feel totally in control on others we sense we are being swept along hoping that someone will be there on the river bank to throw us a lifeline.

So, as I start on each stage of my journey, I am excited and fearful. Still I know that whatever happens in the future will be because that’s where God wants me to be. You are welcome to join me on that journey from time to time, because maybe that’s the point where our paths are destined to come together and we walk side by side for a while. I look forward to your companionship along the way. In the meantime may God bless you wherever you are on life’s journey

I hope to be able to post something at least once a week and will gradually add some more of my writings and poetry. Please do comment on anything posted, as I welcome constructive criticism and would be pleased to read your feedback

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