Tree of Life

Tree of Life, © Mary Fleeson, 2009,

Detail from Tree of Life, © Mary Fleeson, 2000,

A poem inspired by Mary Fleeson’s ‘Tree of Life’, that was written for a series of prayer stations at St John’s Church, Hedge End for Easter Sunday 5th April 2015

Tree of Life

in the midst of death
there is life;
life drawn from the
living water
and anchored in
the spirit;
spreading branches
o’er the whole of creation
to revitalise and renew;
manifest in grain and vine
in sorrow and in joy;
to fall and rise
on celestial wings;
no longer earth-bound;
with wounded limbs
both glorious and sublime.

1 thought on “Tree of Life

  1. Marion Parkes

    Hello.I find this The tree of life painting so inspiring and beautiful. It was used as a visual to another poem in a lent group I have been attending which finished today. I would love to have a large print of this if there is one for sale could you let me know as I think I could look at this for hours and see Gods work.
    Such talent!

    God bless


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