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Here you will find a simple explanation of some of the more ‘technical’ terms used in my blog. I’ll add them as they appear or if you tell me you’d like to know more

Glossary – Or What That Word Means In Plain English!

Words, Words, Words!

Words, Words, Words!

It was suggested that I might like to add a Glossary* to this blog as there are occasions when I use what might be described as a ‘technical’ word. Being an believer in plain English I hope the following may be useful. I will add to the list as I go along but if you spot a word that you’re not sure of then do ask me to explain. If you are still confused after reading my explanation then there is always a good old fashioned printed dictionary you could turn to and this online dictionary can be useful too

Apostolic – something or someone that has the characteristic of an apostle – one of the twelve people chosen by Jesus to become his first disciples

Boruachelohim – This is the title of my blog and when written as separate words – Bo Ruach Elohim means ‘Come, Spirit of God’ in Hebrew

Compline – or Night Prayer. This is a lovely, quiet service held at the end of the day usually before going home or going to sleep

Ecumenical – This refers to the whole Christian church and all the different ways this is expressed, for example: Church of England, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Free Church to name just a few

*Glossary – a list that explains difficult or unusual words used in the text

Lectionary – a book or list of readings to be used in church services

Ordinand – someone who has been selected to be put forward and trained for holy orders, that is to become a Vicar or Pastor in a Christian church.

Reader – within the Church of England this is a lay or unordained person who is licensed to teach and preach. They are also able to officiate at funerals, but not weddings or baptisms

Theologian – a person who knows about theology (see below)

Theology – the study of God and the different forms this may take