Poetry & Devotion

I truly believe that my journey with God has allowed an incredible creative spirit to open up within me.

A silent retreat when I was at a particularly low point in my life seemed to unleash this creativity and I offer it now in the hope that others may be inspired to find that release

Out of the Whirlwind

Out of the Whirlwind

The title of my blog was inspired by a poem I wrote about the Holy Spirit. Bo Ruach Elohim means ‘Come, Spirit of God’ in Hebrew

Most ancient of time and space;
threefold creator,
hovering over the formless void
of waters, dark and barren.
An electric pulse,
vibrating with energy –
igniting the universe;
quickening the human race.

God’s winged messenger –
pure white against the vivid blue
of heaven; in fluttering descent –
To declare authenticity,
In fluid melody from angel tongues.
A pinion crown
overarching gentle majesty personified.

Spiritus Sanctus, animator of our souls,
Christ’s breath in dwelling,
received as the gift of a risen Messiah.
That witnesses love in action,
to comfort and sustain
and advocates the sinners’ cause
across the suspended bridge
between heaven and earth
of a Saviour’s outstretched arms.

Pentecostal inspiration; flickering tongues
in flaming titian hues,
sheathed within a noisy rushing tempest,
galvanising hearts and minds
with a white hot passion,
that reaches out in cooling balms,
enabling everything that has breath
to praise the Lord!

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