Liebster Award!

Liebster Blog Award Nomination

Liebster Blog Award Nomination

I was very surprised and quite touched to receive a nomination for a Liebster Award from a young lady called Almaas Khan, a 16 year old living in Dubai, and I thank you most sincerely for that Almaas.

The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers and is named after the German word ‘liebster’ meaning ‘kind, valued, beloved, endearing, welcome’.

Blogging is about building a community and I’m finding that it’s a great way to connect with other bloggers and if this award is something that will help spread the word about other bloggers or blogs then I am happy to receive it.

Almaas asked me five questions, which I will try to answer as best I can. In the meantime please do check out her blog for a lively look at her life as a teenager – oh and by the way Almaas, fellow Dr Who fan, I’m glad that you find my posts bring a sense of calm from time to time into your life

1) How and why did you choose to write on the topics that you currently write on?

I have recently started on a new journey of discovery as a trainee Ordinand (vicar/priest/minister) and felt that this would be great way not only to record that journey but also be a chance to share my spiritual poetry and writing

2) How do you usually react to negative criticism?

Negative criticism is quite hard to deal with initially. I think I usually have a moment of annoyance then try to come at it in a positive way – is it justified? Can I do something about it? Dare I ignore it? I think we can all learn from criticism but it helps if it is constructive

3) Share one experience that has been the most insightful or has taught you something you will never forget

Through out my life there have been many experiences that have taught me a lot about myself and other people. I believe my work as a Street Pastor has perhaps shown me both the worst and the best aspects of life

4) What sort of surrounding do you prefer to write in, or are you unaffected by the surroundings?

If I had my choice it would be in some sheltered, sunny spot with my pens and pencils all sharpened looking out over an idyllic meadow scene; headphones on playing some of my favourite instrumental music. However, it’s often scribbling on a notepad, balanced on my knee wherever I happen to find myself when an idea comes to me!

5)  What has been your most successful post and what do you think the reason for that is?

According to the Stats, one of my most popular posts was, which I suspect has something to do with the title as well as the content. But success does not always have to be measured in percentages and as long as people enjoy my writing that is just as important

In return I would like to nominate the following blogs for their own Liebster Award. They are all in their own way beautiful, interesting, thought provoking, funny and well worth following – a beautifully written blog, full of the Holy Spirit and helpful advice and wonderful resources – written by a fellow ordinand with great insights and super nature and wildlife posts – some fabulous photography and interesting articles as well – incredible images and photography and amazing camera work using all aspects of light

My only question would be to ask what motivates you to write your blog?

In the meantime please do keeping writing and publishing and here’s to discovering lots more new and interesting blogs as well

LiebsterAward blog

Liebster Award – Discovering new blogs!

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